Monday, April 13, 2009

Project team structure - The Vedic way

Whenever we look at any project, we invariably see the various teams taking the center-stage at various point in the project life cycle. Where do we get this team structure, is it part of modern project management parlance? No necessarily, as we delved into our Indian vedas, we found similar description in the context not so far away from our existing team structure requirements. Lets me share some more...

In our vedas, it has been documented that people are of three basic types - Gyanyoga, Rajayoga and Bhaktiyoga. The Gyanyogis are the ones inspired by intellect, Rajayogis are inspired by Leadership and strategy and the Bhaktiyoga people have complete faith in their masters and are inspired by their devotion.

The start of any new project stems out from an idea that is mulled over and over to give a proper shape and plan. This is done by the people who belong to Gyanyoga category, these are the innovators and intellectuals. In a modern project these will be people in the board of directors or the advisers.

The idea is then converted to execution plan and the team of people are entrusted with the execution within the overall vision and strategy of the project. These are the Rajyogis, we call them the managers in our modern projects.

The team of people that will do the actual execution of the project should have full faith in their managers and should be devoted to the work that is assigned to them. The managers manage their day to day work to evaluate to ensure that the overall objective of the project is met. These people are Bhaktiyogis, also called team members in modern project teams.

So you see our vedas can educate us in all aspects of our lives including the professional...